The Department of Agro-Industry has been producing quality graduates each year as well as working with government and private institutes on training and research, to ensure that Cambodia’s Standards of professional and technical knowledge in the field of agro-industry continue to remain high and of international caliber.
Our goal is to gain worldwide respect and recognition as Asia’s leader in the field of agro-industry and become the best resource for academic studies and scientific research.
It is our intention to produce global leaders, work with leading institutes from around the world and continue to grow and evolve in response to the changing needs of MCUFAF and the world.

Department of Agro-Industry
Department Centre Special Projects
1. Office of Secretary 1. MCUFAF Lactic Acid Bacteria Research Group 1. Bachelor of Science Program in Agro-Industry (Special Program)
2. Department of Packaging Technology and Materials > 2. Fermentation Technology Research Center 2. Graduate Diploma Program in Sugar Technology
3. Deparment of Biotechnology > 3. Master of Science Program in Agro-Industry Technology Management (Evening Program)
4. Department of Product Development > 4. Master of Science Program in Agro-Industrial Product Development (Special Program) >
5. Department of Textile Science >
6. Department of Food Science and Technology >
7. Department of Agro-Industrial Technology >