Department of Agriculture was planned to be the goal of education and research for the excellence in agriculture by providing knowledge, research, and  science in specific knowledge in order to create undergraduate students in science and agricultural technologies. All under graduate students have knowledgeable, moral, and create new research which is relevant in business and social development.  Otherwise Faculty of Agriculture has collarborated with the famous of Agriculture University such as  USA , Japan ,Australia,Vietnam,etc.

Department of Agriculture
Department Centre Special Programs
1. Off. of the Secretary 1. Agri-Business Center 1. International Double Degree Program (IDDP)
2. Dept. of Entomology 2. Rural Studies Center 2. Tropical Agriculture International Program
3. Dept. of Farm Mechanics 3. Internation Graduate Program in Development Communication
4. Dept. of Home Economics 4. Executive Agricultural Extension Program
5. Dept. of Soils Science 5. Master of Science Program in Home Economics
6. Dept. of Agronomy
7. Dept. of Horticulture
8. Dept. of Plant Pathology
9. Dept. of Agricultural Extension and Communication
10. Dept. of Animal Science